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Savvy marketing pros use moving images to promote their products and services. For your promotional staff this is like being in a hundred places at once, educating, demonstrating, qualifying and delivering a guaranteed consistent message worldwide. That’s why we’ve specialized in multimedia production. We make DVDs and web media for all kinds of projects, but some of the most popular are:

Promotional Stories
Show them how hard life is without your special something and how good it is after. Let your audience relate to someone who has their problems, their struggles. Then when they find the solution people will see how much better their life could be. You can play your movie at trade shows, on websites, at events, broadcast, podcast it and even on a DVD like a business card.

Educational Stories
The educational story is simple. Information is power. Without that information someone is frustrated and troubled. They can’t get done what they desperately want to do. In comes your expertise in an easy-to-digest accessible format. Everything is demonstrated. The abstract becomes finite, even interesting. Once again you’ve saved the day.

Stories used in Fundraising
The key to the “three-cry”, six-minute fundraising video is highlighting the individual stories that demonstrate your organization's mission. This is some of our favorite work to do. We even offer you a discount if your non-profit work is in alignment with our progressive values.

Narrative Story Telling
Single camera movie style shooting uses actors and scenes to bring your message to life. Your audience empathizes with the characters besieged with familiar challenges. It’s one of the trickiest and most exciting approaches with the biggest potential pay-off.

Documentaries and News Stories
If credibility is one of your main challenges then the documentary approach might be best for your story. It weaves in the testimony of knowledgeable experts while using visual images to illustrate your tale. Your topic will seem legitimate and newsworthy.

Video Stories on the Web
Flash boom bang. You’ll probably want your media in some web ready form when all is said and done. This isn’t so much a different approach from the others, it’s more of a “yes and”.

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