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The iSchool University of Washington 2006
Seattle King County Public Health Kid’s Get Care Program 2006
The Giraffe Foundation, various 2000-2006
Leviton Telecommunications, Manufacturing documentation 2005
Union Gospel Mission funding video 2005
Festivals.com “Freedom Fair” and “Country Thunder” 2005
Lane Powell “Nightmare on Lime Street" 2005
Northwest School Capital Campaign DVD and Open House DVD 2005
Swedish Medical Center/Providence Pain Research Department Nursing Assistant Computerized Education Project 2005
Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Clinic 2004
Ruth Neuwald Falcon “Gerda’s Final Gifts” 2004
Richmark Label trade show display 2004
Consumer Opinion Services 2004
Renata Anderson “Fast Crapper” 2004
Nelson Tyler Langer settlement video 2004
Mary Ann Johnson teacher training 2004
Big6 Media "The Big6 in the Classroom" 2003
Kick Asthma “Kick Asthma Naturally” 2003
Wright Robins Inc. The IT Academy 2003
Axelrod Consulting Services "Re-Igniting Your Board" 2003
Axelrod Consulting Services "Raising More Money" updates 2003
Listen & Talk Promotional video 2003
Washington State Library Association Dr. Eisenberg's keynote address 2003
King County Department of Solid Waste "Think Twice" 2003
Songbird Foundation "It's Only a Cup of Coffee" 2002
Seattle Parks Department "Environmental Stewardship" 2002
King County Department of Solid Waste "Gotta Have It" 2002
Technology Access Foundational promotional video 2002
Washington State Health Foundation "Pathways" 2002
Shelly Veillette Speaker's promo 2002
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival Alternative Distribution Panel 2002
Hydramaster Product Catalogue Video 2002
Shingigitsu America Japan tour 2002
ArtSpots “Homage on the Hill” 2002
ArtSpots “Get Up & Dance”, “Rent a Teen” and “Mandela” 2001
Playtime Inc. “The Journey” 2001
Pike Place Market "Green Business Makes Cents" 2001
Asian Pacific Environmental Exchange "Exporting Harm" 2001
City of Seattle "Way to Go" 2001
Elevated Transit Council Public meeting documentation 2001
Seattle Center “Seattle Center Millennium Celebration” 2000
City of Everett 4th of July Celebration 2000
Big 6 "The Big6: Information and Technology Skills" 2000
Hydramaster Installation Video 2000
The Arc of King County "I Make a Difference" 2000
Intermec “F2Maintenance” 2000
Laughing Matters Productions “Pregnancy Birth & Beyond" 2000
Credo International Promotional Video 2000
Axelrod Consulting Services "Raising More Money" 2000
Northwest School Project: Promotional Video 2000
ArtSpots “Zen Scroll” 2000
Bill Robison & Wolfe Bowart “Shneedles” 2000
Seattle Center Marketing Department “What a Great Place” 1999
Entros “Unclued” 1999
NHK, Japan Japanese television special on Sayuri Yosinaga, 1999
Seattle Public Schools Instructional Broadcast Center "Breaking the Stereo" 1999
Children's Orthopedic Hospital Surgery documentation 1999
Seattle Public Schools Instructional Broadcast Center "A Plus Awards" 1999
Microsoft: various software promotions, 1997-1999
Seattle Public Schools Instructional Broadcast Center "Press Pass Productions WTO"
Janice Kluge Art installation elements 1999
911 Media Arts Center "Tribes Media Project" 1999
Tacoma Public Schools "Good Beginnings" 1999
Youth Wall of Fame "Youth Wall of Fame" 1999
Big6 Media "The Big6: in Action" 1999
World Peace Project for Children "The World's Largest Paper Crane" 1999
ArtSpots “Fish Song” and “Zen Scroll” 1999
REI opening and graphics 1998
Seattle Center Peace Academy "Peace Academy" 1998
Lutheran Social Services open adoption series 1998
Earth on the Air "Hanford Down Winders" 1998
Barksdale Media Productions AIDS screening demo 1998
Ellen Langan Project Speaker's demo 1998
Mary Bigelow Project Speaker's demo 1998
Lutheran Social Services "Teresa & Darin" 1998
Linters Inc. “Purely Cotton Company Promotion” 1998
Seattle Youth Involvement Network "Seattle Youth Involvement Day" 1998
Lynn Waddington “The Goddess Gate” 1998
Darma Productions "The Face of Love" 1998
Darma Productions “The River”1998
Princess Productions "Set Apart" 1998
Northwest Asian American Theater International collaboration summary 1998
MTV International "Connect: A New Ecological Paradigm" 1997
KCTS & 911 Media Arts Center "New Voices" 1997
The Canadian Consulate, Seattle "Pacific Salmon Treaty" 1997
Northern Exposure Independent Media Showcase “Fantasy Fest Why Bother” 1997
The Cross-Cultural Health Care Program "Communicating Effectively Through an Interpreter" 1997
Youth in Focus "Youth in Focus" 1997
HPX "Spoon Man" 1997
Sculptor Ellen Ziegler "Calx" 1997
Gordy Klein "Homer the Happy Tramp & his dog Hobo" 1996 & 1997
Daughters Sisters Project documentation of a facilitated gathering 1997
Lincoln High School "Keep it Zipped" 1997
Northwest Institute for Children & Families
The Refugee Women's Alliance "Starting Over" 1996
911 Media Arts Center "911 to the Rescue" 1996
The Whale Museum "Lolita in Her Best Interest" 1996
Jose Heinohosa Glass Artist promotional video 1996
Roadside Attractions "Backyard Bonanza" 1996
Cranky Destroyers Improvisational Dance Festival documentation 1995 & 1996
The Central Area Development Association "Making Your Dream Take Flight" 1996
The National Association of Hispanic Journalists awards show, 1996
Image Bank Northwest a video summary of sales improvement techniques, 1996
Kari Lerum “Sex Workers” 1996
911 Media Arts Center “The Woman Who Never Stopped Traveling” 1996
Women's International Peace Fountains “Serejevo Cut” 1996
Vox Femmina “Trapped” 1996
Barbara Buys "Customer One" 1996
The Arc of King County "A Child First" 1995
Grant Richardson "Think First" 1995
Holy Family Hospital "10 Annual Women's Health Conference Highlights Video" 1995
Model & Talent International Casting "MTIC 1-900" spot 1995
Intergenerational Innovations "Old Hearts, Young Minds" 1995
Fast Forward Media Lab "Plugged In" 1995
King County Surface Water Management Division "Everything's Connected" 1994
Bellevue Arts Museum Residency with the Bellevue Public School System, 1994
Able Enterprises "Living it Up" 1994
The Leonhardt Group TV spots for Providence Yakima Medical Center, 1994
Northwest Film Center & KCTS television “Don’t Cry When You Look at Her” 1994
House of Dames documentation services 1994
"Women Who Clog Too Much" a promotional video for an all woman dance group 1994
Women’s Action Coalition Promotional video 1994
On the Boards documentation 1992-94
Allegro Dance Theater performance documentation 1992-94
Seattle Art Commission "Duets for Animals & People" 1994
Michael Max "Modern Alchemy" 1994
Seattle Fringe Festival Promotion 1994
Seattle Fringe Festival documentation 1993 & 94
Bellevue Art Museum Artist in Schools Residency 1993
Seattle Children's Theater "Sitcom Mania" 1993
Clair Petrich, Tacoma Port Commissioner “Thea Foss” 1993
Seattle-King County Department of Public Health Ground Water Management "Ground Water: The Flow From Below" 1993
Seattle Children's Theater "Sitcome Mania" 1993
International Model & Talent Casting "White Knights" documentation 1993
Small Planet Productions "Rethinking Columbus Day" 1993
City of Seattle Planning Department "Towards a Sustainable Seattle" 1992
Nordstrom's documentation of fashion shows 1992
Hewlett Packard conference documentation 1992
Folklife Performance documentation 1992
Triangle Productions "Logic Problem Series" 1992
Northwest School "Northwest Schools International Programs" 1992
Pacific Rim Summer Camp "Pacific Rim Summer Camp" 1992
Paragon Media various projects 1992
Seattle Audubon Society "Audubon Music Video" 1992
Donna Hunt "Planet Dance" 1992
Kay Kirkpatrick & Don Culbertson “Galloping Barricades” 1992
Sears Regional Office “A Day in the Life” & “Take the Plunge” 1991
KUBE Radio Station “Defender of the Faith” 1991
Pulsair Systems, Inc. "Petron International" 1991
Software Consultants International "Software Consultants International: A Process Improvement Tool" 1991
Compatamatch "Fascinating" 1991
Parklane “Brittany Lane at Regency Woods” 1991
Small Plant Productions "Rethinking Columbus Day" 1991
Sublimity Model & Talent Agency "Jill Harmon" 1991
Madeline Hill modeling demo 1991
Video Portfolios International "Video Portfolios International Promo" 1991
Sky Pix “Sky Kids” 1991
Mulatto Fireman’s Ball presentation documentation 1990

Freehold 2006
Northwest Actor’s Studio 2005
Northwest Actor’s Studio 2005
Northwest Actor’s Studio 2005
Northwest Actor’s Studio 2005
Grant Maker’s in the Arts Conference 2003
Seattle Art Museum 2003
The Little Theater, Northwest Film Forum 2002
King 5 TV Broadcasts 2002
The Jewel Box Theater 2002
Hazel Wolfe Film Festival Leavenworth, WA 2002
Sundance Film Festival Gen-Y Studios 2002
One Reel Festival at Bumbershoot 2001
Palm Springs Festival Marketplace 2001
Independent Exposure, Seattle 2001
Fremont Outdoor Theater 2001
Seattle University 2001
Red & Gold Gallery, Seattle 2001
King 5 TV Broadcast 2001
Speakeasy Café, ArtSpots benefit, Seattle 2001
Shingyo Design Studio, Seattle 2001
Web Flicks, Internet showcase, Seattle 2001
Cable Channel 29, Seattle 2002
Equinox Film Festival Leavenworth, WA 2000
Vox Femmina, Boulder, CO 1998
Independent Exposure, Seattle 1998
911 Media Arts Center, Seattle 1996
Northwest Cyber Artists, Seattle 1996
“Blitzball 911” ART & the Urban Guerrilla Street Theater Collective, Seattle 1995
Portland Film Festival, Portland, OR 1994
KCTS Seattle 1994
Theater Babylon Seattle 1994
The Rebar Seattle 1994
Ramada Inn, Seattle 1993
Cable Channel 29 Seattle 1990

Houston Worldfest Gold Award for "Connect" 1998
Women & Minority Business Enterprises recognition, Seattle 1995
Bellevue Art Museum Artist in Schools Residency, Bellevue 1993
Hometown USA Best of the Northwest Festive 1992
KUBE Video Contest Finalist spot aired on King 5 TV 1990

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