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We team up with local organizations to bring you classes that help the film community grow and provide you venues for learning and meeting others that can give you a boost up on your journey. Hero Labs’ director Staci Bernstein has taught the following classes:

For marketing and communication professionals
When is moving media the best choice?
What are some of the most innovative and effective applications of moving media?
Pros and cons of web media and where that technology is at.
What do you need to know to effectively manage a media project?
How do you select producers and directors?

For entrepreneurs
This class covers many topics including a production overview, planning tips, shooting basics, how-to editing, an introduction to the gear you will need and buying recommendations, rules to live by, skill-sets needed, how to work with students, when to hire contractors for support, local resources, and recommendations for other helpful classes.

BEGINNING FILM ACTING with Staci Bernstein at Northwest Actors Studio
For beginners
Find out what advantages you have as a beginning movie performer. Learn basic skills while working with action sequences to tell stories visually. Develop characters by making vivid physical and vocal choices. Learn your way around the most common pitfalls beginning actors face. No experience needed. Come with an open mind ready to explore. Northwest Actors Studio will provide cameras allowing students to review their work during class. The finished production will be screened at the next Open House so students may invite their friends and family.

ACTING FOR THE CAMERA SCENE STUDY with Staci Bernstein at Northwest Actors Studio
For advanced students
This class is for actors with some experience. Students will journey through a "hands-on" film production process where they will learn about the techniques required for actors on a video or film project. Each student will participate in a short scene shot from a contemporary movie and will finish off the quarter with a premiere of the project.

DIRECTING ACTORS with Staci Bernstein
For aspiring directors
Would you like to have a basic understanding of how actors approach a script and what information they need from their director to make a scene work? Have you ever hired an actor because you saw them do something good but when they got to your set it seemed they couldn't act at all? Would you like to know tricks to make inexperienced actors come alive? Strengthen your interaction with actors in this unique 2-day workshop. This class covers the fundamentals of directing actors and provides indispensable techniques to give directors confidence while meeting the creative demands of a project. Day one covers text analysis, quick fixes, directing demos and acting technique. Day two is all hands-on with students directing actors in short scenes followed by critique periods. Students will need to recruit their own actors for the second day of the workshop and are encouraged to bring cameras they are familiar with to shoot those scenes.

For intermediate students
Would you like to learn how to shoot blue screen with your prosumer camera and edit it in Final Cut Pro or After Effect? Then come join us for a hands-on workshop by Hero Labs.
Day One Lighting (pre requisite basic knowledge of lighting equipment safety)
• Mounting your backdrop
• Lighting the backdrop
• Lighting you subjects
• Matching to background plates
• Networking brunch, light refreshments will be provided.
Day Two Post Production (pre requisite basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro editing)
• Capture in Final Cut Pro
• Color Key in Final Cut
• Green screen in Final Cut
• Importing files to After Effects
• Color Key in After Effects
• Green screen in After Effects
• Color suppressors
• Outputting effects
Review Party the following week to examine and critique the classes’ work.

SHOOTING THE ACTION with Staci Bernstein
Learn fundamental techniques for how to shoot action scenes and be safe at the time with this intensive 1-day workshop. Learn and practice basic shot sequencing, common combat techniques, for hand-to-hand, and gain an understanding of safety issues and gun wrangling. The class will also mix blood and rig a squib for a gun sequence we’ll shoot at the end of class. We will discuss approaches for planning, storyboarding and writing action sequences as well as how to cover them cinematically. Students should wear comfortable clothing since they will be active for much of the class.

If you are interested in attending any of these classes contact Staci at (206) 641-2029.

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